• GTAEG offers demolition and dismantling service for interiors of both residential and commercial buildings destined for subsequent renovation. We remove concrete, plumbing, wiring, wood, mechanical infrastructures, flooring, inside walls, everything up to the exterior structure and supporting beamwork.

  • GTAEG conducts an engineering survey of the structure to be dismantled and customizes unit-specific procedures to address the unique characteristics of each job, thus ensuring effective, clean, and safe dismantling and removal of components.

  • GTAEG will use temporary supports wherever necessary to ensure structural integrity of the site while dismantling operations are conducted.

  • GTAEG is experienced and certified in working with local, provincial and federal agencies to obtain the appropriate permits for handling your hazardous materials.

  • GTAEG will take samples to determine the presence of hazardous materials, such as asbestos, toxic chemicals.

  • Piping may contain hazardous materials, toxic chemicals, flammable hydrocarbons, or thermally reactive chemicals. GTAEG will complete a full walk-down of all piping, branch connections, and other components and prepare specific procedures to ensure the purging of all piping and removal or mechanical isolation of hazardous materials prior to commencing dismantling work.

  • GTAEG uses negative air equipment and isolates the area where dismantling will take place using plastic sheeting as precautionary measures to prevent steel or iron chips, lead, or asbestos dust from contaminating working or living space.

  • GTAEG’s removal practices are designed to add eco-value to the process. Materials are sorted and sent to right place, with over 90% of all removed materials being recycled, including clean rubble; while asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials are sent to government designated sites.

  • Our team of experienced and qualified professionals includes technicians, heavy machine, operators certified asbestos abatement professionals, certified mold and lead professionals, structural engineers, and experienced labourers.

  • GTAEG has over twenty years of collaborating with architects, plumbing companies, mechanical engineers, and structural engineers.

  • GTA offers a complete, turn-key service which includes:
    - Survey of the site and establishing customized procedures for site-specific demolition;
    - Environmental management of the site, including measuring and planning material removal;
    - Isolation and preparation of the work site, including installation of negative air systems;
    - Installation, when necessary, of temporary supports;
    - Working with mechanical and plumbing companies to cut and reroute utilities;
    - Dismantlement and removal of mechanical infrastructure and any interior structures required;
    - Sorting of materials to be recycled; and
    - Removal of material.

  • GTAEG will take care of all dismantling of mechanical infrastructure including:
    - Removal of boilers;
    - Removal of chillers and cooling systems;
    - Removal of piping;
    - Removal of heating systems.

At GTAEG, safety first.

GTAEG has a solution for all of your demolition and mechanical dismantlement projects. We deliver clean space, on deadline, ready for your renovation and rebuilding.

GTAEG has worked under the supervision of the City of Montreal and the Ministry of Labour Health and Safety of Ontario.