For over 20 years, our professional team of fully licensed, trained and experienced mold removal, asbestos removal, industrial, commercial and industrial building restoration, mechanical demolition and sanitization experts have been trusted and relied upon.

We have successfully worked with government institutional bodies, environmental agents, commercial, large scale industrial, institutional and residential sites ranging in size from under 2,000 sq. ft to over 2,000,000 sq. ft. If you are located in Montreal and the surrounding area, Toronto, GTA and the surrounding area give call us now for a free estimate.



At GTAEG, we are fully certified, insured, and licensed as mold removal experts, with a proven track record for over 20 years

We follow specific professional mold inspection, removal and remediation protocol, all of which are in strict accordance with industry guidelines. GTAEG’s highly trained accredited professionals in Ontario and Quebec are ready to meticulously execute safe and successful mold removal and remediation project on your property right away.

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GTAEG has the expertise, certifications, capacity and infrastructure in place and ready to take charge of any asbestos removal, and disposal project.

The GTAEG team is always compliant with all government regulations and environmental laws and is extremely focused on health and safety on all of its projects. At GTAEG, we take extreme pride in our asbestos remediation and removal services throughout Ontario and Quebec. Whether you require a large scale commercial or industrial construction site asbestos removal services, GTAEG is committed to getting your job done right.

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GTAEG offers demolition and dismantling service for interiors of both residential and commercial buildings destined for subsequent renovation. We remove concrete, plumbing, wiring, wood, mechanical infrastructures, flooring, inside walls, everything up to the exterior structure and supporting beamwork.

We conduct an engineering survey of the structure to be dismantled and customizes unit-specific procedures to address the unique characteristics of each job, thus ensuring effective, clean, and safe dismantling and removal of components.
We are experienced and certified in working with local, provincial and federal agencies to obtain the appropriate permits for handling your hazardous materials.Our team of experienced and qualified professionals includes technicians, heavy machine, operators certified asbestos abatement professionals, certified mold and lead professionals, structural engineers, and experienced labourers.

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Living with Covid-19 is a new reality with which businesses and homeowners must contend with. Never before has it been so vital to ensure that your working and living spaces be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The health of your employees, your loved ones, and your community depends on it.

GTAEG’s team includes certified specialists with experience in handling hazardous materials. Our trained technicians combine fogging with manual wipe-down to ensure the thorough disinfection of open spaces and of surfaces, with special onus on high touch surfaces and common areas, where pathogens are most often spread (handrails, door handles, elevator buttons, front desks, etc). We adhere to the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health and Safety. GTAEG’s team will see to it that that every single crook and cranny of your spaces, including hard to reach places, are fully disinfected, offering protection for you, and those under your responsibility, from infectious pathogens.

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The GTAEG team of professional restoration contractors have successfully planned, coordinated and executed projects ranging from the restoration of a 200,000 sq.ft commercial building to the large scale restoration of a 2,000,000 sq.ft industrial plant.

If your building restoration project is in Ontario or Quebec, large or small, the fully licensed, trained and experienced team of GTAEG experts are ready. Our services are fully scalable to size. We work with all government, environmental and building regulations, ensuring that your building restoration is logistically and financially sound, with an unprecedented safety record.

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For over 20 years, our professional team of fully licensed, trained, and experienced experts have been trusted and relied upon by a host of wide-ranging clients, government institutional bodies, environmental agents, large scale industrial and commercial companies, architectural engineers, general contractors, and building property management companies.